collingwood family photographer

The Zhus

If you're at all afraid to have your family photos updated because your kids might misbehave, you need to check out this beautiful Blue Mountain family session.

The Kirkconnells

Sometimes families are large. Sometimes families are small. But no matter their size, they're overflowing with love and laughter. Take Chris and Theo, for example. Check out their family photos here!


Family is important. I know you know that much. And when your kids are grown and building their own families and homes it can seem like you can never get enough of them. That's why family photography like this is so important.

Herrington Family

Little Levi is quite the character! Check out his photos with his parents at the studio in Owen Sound. Click here!

The McKee Family

Let me tell you, working with 9 adults, 3 kids, and 2 dogs is a lot different than a small family. It can be chaotic and the time goes by quickly. But here's something you should note: there is 10x the laughter! Check out the McKees' family country photos here!

The Bekers

Some families just don't get together very often. That's bound to happen when your kids are grown and moved away, and are starting their own families. This is what happens when they all get together...

The Holdens

When they say "Girls Rule" they'e talking about the Holdens.…

Lisa & Chris

Sometimes families aren't large. Sometimes they're small. But they're no less family, and so is the case for Lisa and Chris. They aren't at all lacking in the love department. Check out their family photos here!

Callaghan's Family

I photographed Callaghan and his family for about 3 hours. As you can imagine, I saw all sides of Callaghan. I saw him laugh, I saw him snuggle, and I saw him bawl his eyes out. All of which made spectacular photographs. Check 'em out here.