Georgian Trail proposal photography

Paulina + German

German wanted a romantic and quiet spot to propose to Paulina. And if he could bring their pup with him, it would make it even more special. So we planned a beautiful Georgian Trail proposal. I arrived early and waited for German and Paulina while we pretended to photograph the scenary. Once they walked by us on the trail, we followed them while desperately attempting not to appear super creepy.

We watched him take deep breaths, try to build up the courage to ask… try to stop. When he finally took her hand and turned towards her, it was on. He dropped down to one knee, and her response was perfect. She jumped up and down, threw her gloves in the air, and said yes!

Check it out.

Georgian Trail Proposal Photography

The Blue Mountains are a beautiful place to propose. But when it comes to winter proposals, it can be difficult to decide on a location. Maybe you want a quiet place where people won’t be applauding your proposal. Where you can have a private moment to propose. The Georgian Trail is an excellent spot.

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